«TMMarket» Taxi-Master — new system of profitable orders exchange between taxi services.

Solution advantages

  •  possibility to give the order, that cannot be executed, to other participant of TMMarket
  •  possibility to buy additional orders from other taxi services and attract new drivers.
  •  increasing the income of the taxi service through the purchase and sales orders – all participants get a cash reward.
  •  strengthening relationships with clients, for which always there is free car.
  •  guarantee of anonymity of personal drivers and passengers data: taxi-author can't see driver phone number, executing an order, and contractor can't see client phone number.

Personal account possibilities

  • track statistics of all purchased and realised orders.
  • watch changes on the current account.
  • compare work dynamics in TMMarket for any period.
  • set your own rules of interaction in TMMarket and choose partners for orders exchange.